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Every day a good deed!

There are many reasons why you should sent(d) or donate one dollar!
But there are only a few reason, why you should not donate.
To donate via the Internet is very simple, fast and very secure!
Basically it is your decision to donate only one or more Dollars
Naturally, higher donations are warmly welcome!
By donating you will have the satisfaction of know that you are helping other, less fortunate than yourself
Because people Humans should help other Humans
Your donation will help to support this internet project
to donate via the internet and PayPal is simple, fast and very secure. And the use of PayPal ensures your security
Maybe you don't already have a PayPal account and always wanted a good reason to open one. Then do it now and use us as the testing and see how easily it works
Because if have sould so many products at Ebay for only one Dollar
As you are a part of human race that can affort to donate at least one dollar
and because that donation won't hurt the environment to your fellow man
and while you are sitting at home ore in your company with nothing better to do for an hour or so, DO IT NOW!
and because today is a beautyful and fabulous day and you are in a good mood
Fahter Christmas delivers his gifts for free and i still believe in fathers Christmas
Because the dollar compared to the euro exchange rate is very low
Because in the world is so much injustice
For far too many generous donations are rare there what they were conceived
Because everything in life is more expensive, except the donations here you can decide how much we would like
Time is money here and during the 1000 good reasons to read, they have more time than money donated
Thus I continue my clothes every day or every second can change
because I month my Internet pay fees
I would soon marry and a marriage takes a lot of money
I would later times at least 2 children, and children in this world cost a lot of money
If I have enough money Thanks to one U.S. dollars donation collected I will even more children this beautiful world can show
Make it something meaningful with a dollar and donate it
It costs only a dollar and a few seconds of there lives that they have been minutes or hours spent on the Internet
don't put off till tomorrow, what you can do today